Who are we?

The Jacques de Beaune association

In 1989, the initiative of a live show at Semblançay was born.  In the early years it rapidly united the talents and enthusiasm of participants from nearby towns. Later throughout all of Touraine.  At its creation the theme was limited to the French Revolution, but by the summer of 1990, the canvas was close to that of the current show.
The growth in enrolment of the association is constant and the number of members is around 600 each year.  Everything is constantly progressing :
450 extras , 12 horses , 35 riders , 2 carriages , 28 stuntmen for the fight scenes .
More than 2000 costumes, despite the fire in November 2000, and many accessories and trimmings for costumes and hair.
More than 500 spotlights, 2 moving spotlights, snow cannons, smoke cannons, water features, a video projector for projecting images on the house ...
All the scenic and technical services are provided by members of the association. The pyrotechnic show receives the assistance of Pyro Concept.
The association has many supporters, in particular show business personalities who have used their voices for the narration.
The municipality, the department and the community of communes are partners.
The function of the association is to animate the north of Tourain and it does this with activities and services for public authorities, businesses and associations.

The Source association

The house of Jacques de Beaune, which serves as a backdrop to the show, is today a place of accommodation for 25 young people from the Medical Educational Institute.
When visiting the site, near the parking, you will pass the educational facilities, classes and workshops.
On the other side of the road, the square buildings compose the foyer that we call "the three sources".
The orientation of these institutions has a strong focus on professional and social integration.
The initiative for a live show at Semblançay in 1989, was firstly to create and strengthen relationships between the young people who live here and the people of Semblançay ;  this is also a project where everyone, without exception, can contribute to the success of this human adventure.

 Since 1967, the domain of the Source has been the property of the Source Association.
Composed exclusively of parents of disabled children, this association manages medical-social establishments in Indre et Loire:
- An activity centre at Ambillou,
- A centre in Tours that aids handicapped people to work. (C.A.T of Europe)
- Residential centres in Tours.

And in Semblançay:
- A medical-educational institute with 38 beds and places,
- An activity centre of 35 beds and places .

 Prior to 1967, the property belonged to the F.O.E.F.I ( Federation of Organisations for Children of French Indochina).  Up to 300 Eurasian children were welcomed and attended schools in the region.