The show

The Scénoféerie at Semblançay

At Semblançay, 15 km north of Tours, will be presented this summer, the splendid historical epic of Touraine.
From the Gallo-Roman period to the French Revolution, in the park of the house of Jacques de Beaune, superintendent of finances for François 1, our storytellers for the evening, Honoré Pottier and his grandson Benjamin, will bring to life the history and the legend of the Source.


The professors

The year 1850,  a time when industrial development is a major turning point in the world, two researchers, doctors Charcellay and Giraudet, find evidence of a distant past and voyage back in time ...

The Gallo-Romans

Under the Loire sky, the governor Marcellus receives the centurion Cerialis.
They both recall the benefits of Roman settlement that brings peace and prosperity to the Touraine countryside. The good life reigns, lulled by the murmuring water nearby that feeds the baths of the villa and irrigates the flourishing crops it dominates ...

Foulques Nerra and the crusades

At the end of the 10th century, the pope Urbain proclaims in Tours a holy crusade. Processions of pilgrims and crusader troops draw their enthusiasm from the pure water of the source.
The peasants live torn between the fear of God and the fearsome warrior Foulque Nerra, conqueror of territories, builder of castles and abbeys, a crusader, torturing and killing in his wake. At the end of his life he is remorseful and he too fears God ...

The Medieval scene

Life has very little value in the Middle Ages. When death isn't lurking near them, the nobles and peasants need to celebrate. The courtiers dance in their beautiful finery. The Knights on their fiery steeds show bravery during colourful tournaments. Clowns and acrobats delight the court with their shows. Finally joy reigns, allowing the people to profit from these moments...
The Great Plague does not differentiate between the peasants or the powerful. Carts travel through the towns and villages every day, collecting the dead and taking them to the funeral pyre...

The Renaissance

Francis I initiates Italian art into France. Renaissance combines richness and beauty in all its creative forms. At his estate Jacques de Beaune, Superintendent of Finance, gives a great feast in his honour. A pool, like a mirror, reflects the splendour of the court and collects the water rising in the hollow of a rock at the foot of the stately home ...

The eighteenth century

Pedlars arrive at Semblançay. They come from Paris, where in the mid-eighteenth century, great minds profess new ideas, uncompromising for a powerful kingdom. While with their words philosophers echo the humblest ...

The Revolution

Long suppressed, the revolt breaks out. The murmur is rumbling and newly born. The flow, red with the blood of fighting, bears the clamour of a people risen to win their freedom.

The Final

Grandfather ends his story and leads his little grandson Benjamin to the source, witness of history, passions, fears and hopes. They go into an imaginary and magical world.  Characters from all eras meet those of today in a deluge of music, lights and fire. What a Spectacle!


The Scénoféerie